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Capella Grazing Project

Begun in 2013, Capella Grazing Project is an initiative to link land stewardship with local agriculture.  The project is based in Potter Valley, CA, while moving seasonally to work in local orchards, vineyards, and other Sonoma & Mendocino-area landscapes.  Named Capella after the shepherd's star in the constellation Auriga, CGP maintains the largest flock of rare Ouessant sheep in the West.

Our Sheep

Ouessant sheep are a primitive, heritage breed originating from the island of Ouessant (Ile d'Ouessant or Ushant Island), off the coast of Brittany, France.  Once considered extinct, they are now utilized for their grazing abilities in vineyards across France and Germany, as well as in front of French governmental office buildings in Paris.  Known as the smallest sheep in the world, they are easy to manage, well-mannered and sweet in temperament.  They produce beautiful wool, and of course, are very good at eating grass and brush!

Our Services

The sheep of Capella Grazing Project are excited to graze vineyards, orchards, grassland, and other parcels using rotational grazing techniques to trim back grasses and foliage.  In addition to their low fossil-fuel lawnmowing, they are expert gardeners and leave manure in a healthy ratio of NPK (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium), lightly tilling it into the soil with their small hooves.  Other benefits include lower pest counts and the charming presence of these sweet sheep-- a publicity draw for anyone offering tours or tastings!



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