Ouessant wool is a primitive fleece available in an array of colors (true black, cream, mahogany, salt and pepper, milk chocolate).  Dual-coated, some fleeces separate naturally into inner and outer layers, while some change in varying degrees along the staple, from soft inner layer to long and strong outer layer. Each individual fleece is unique. Raw wool is available at shearing, in March or September.  Wool is sold by the ounce, by the pound, or by the fleece.  To reserve a particular fleece, yearly or lifetime sponsorships are available. For questions, or to reserve a fleece, please email Marie at capellagrazing@gmail.com   On-ranch visits to see the sheep are welcome.

sheep sponsorship

Claim a fleece for life! And give your sheep a name.  Lifetime sponsorship ($500) guarantees you the fleece for the life of the sheep, an average of 2 lbs every 6 months for 8 years.  Yearly sponsorship ($100) guarantees you the fleece for the upcoming year, a total of about 4-5 lbs.  Both include unlimited sheep visits, which if you have ever surrounded yourself with a pile of adorable lambs, you greatly understand the value in therapy sessions.

sheep visits

Also referred to as lamb therapy, a form of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT).  A single hour long session with the sheep & their lambs is $25, including the scenic environs, fresh air, real nature, & vitamin D that come with it.  Sheep are expert meditators, and the lambs will happily surround you & curl up in your lap as you look out at the waterfront meeting the sky.